16 Things to do in Between Classes

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Sometimes you have back, to back, to back, to back classes, just like in high school. However, more often then not, you’ll at least have one day where you have a really long break in between classes. What do you do during this time?

Below I share 16 things you can do with the time between classes, with #12 being my favorite! Let me know what you do in between classes!

1. Check your email

You need just a few minutes to get caught up on your emails! Archive or delete the junk mail or what you don’t need, and star the ones you should revisit later.

2. Search for internships/jobs

If you’re in the hunt for an internship or will be graduating soon, the time between classes is a good time to scour the internet for opportunities to apply for. Bookmark potential opportunities so you can visit them later when you have more time to actually apply.

3. Update your resume or CV

It’s easy to forget about updating your resume or CV if you’re not actively applying for internships or jobs. Taking the time to revisit your resume or CV at least once a semester will help you be prepared to apply to that awesome summer opportunity when it pops up!

4. Study or do homework

Even if you have just 30 minutes between classes if you’re still on campus to stay in “school mode”. Use this time to be as productive as possible by completing assignments or getting ahead in your classes if you can.

5. Review your schedule

Make sure you have a grip on what you have coming up. As a student, it’s easy to get caught up in just living day-to-day, but it’s important to know what’s coming up so you can plan accordingly. What exams do you have coming up? Do you need to start doing research for that 10-page paper? If anything is missing from your schedule, be sure you note it mentally or write it down, so you don’t forget!

6. Go to office hours or schedule an appointment for office hours

Take ownership of your learning and go visit a professor or teaching assistant during their office hours. Even if you don’t have a question to ask, you can build a rapport to get help get a strong letter of recommendation. See this post for tips for getting the most out of office hours.

7. Hit the gym

If you have time to go to the gym for a workout. Especially if you have a large block of time during the time most students are in class, you can enjoy a less-crowded gym where you have less of the likelihood of having to wait for equipment.

8. Schedule your doctor’s appointments

It always occurs to me to schedule my doctor’s appointments after business hours. I always tell myself, “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow,” then a week goes by and I still haven’t scheduled my appointments!

9. Schedule car maintenance

If you commute or have a car, some extra free minutes are well spent scheduling your oil change or any service that you need.

10. Explore campus

Even if you’re an upperclassman you may not have seen hidden parts of campus. Check out that smoothie place in the building across campus, or the chemistry library. You might discover a new study spot!

11. Try a new food spot

Are there restaurants or food spots you haven’t checked out yet? Check them out! You might find a new favorite lunch spot to take a friend.

12. Take a nap

This is my favorite activity! If I had enough time between classes, I would take a power nap back in my dorm and feel refreshed. Just don’t forget to set an alarm to wake up! I’ve seen commuters take naps in their cars.

13. Read for pleasure

One thing I wish I did more of in college was read for pleasure. It’s important to keep your passions and interests outside of coursework, despite how demanding your classes can be!

14. Make any travel plans

If you’re thinking of traveling for spring break the next semester, or need to solidify your winter break plans, do any research you need regarding transportation or accommodations you need to make.

15. Listen to podcasts

There are a ton of great podcasts that you can listen to, ranging from academic to wellness, where you can learn while listening!

16. Call a loved one

If you know a loved one is free when you have some free time, call them! You can make the calls a routine which was really great for both parties. It can be easy to forget to call loved ones when you’re immersed in college life, but they want to know how you’re doing!

Be sure you've read my blog terms and privacy policy.

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